Our History

The International College of Beijing Forestry University was established in March 2002 and started its independent operations on December 6, 2020. The college is under the leadership of the University’s Party Committee. Its responsibilities are but are not limited to: enrolling, training, and managing international students in China. It introduces students to high-quality educational resources and organizes and promotes international exchanges and cooperation.

There is no doubt for taking human-cultivating as the essence of higher education. Cultivating internationalized talents plays a vital role in the development of the University. The history of having international students at the University traces back to 1952 when the University was founded. It was one of the first colleges in New China to accept international students. Up to now, the University has cultivated over 5,000 international students of various categories. It has become an authorized institution that offers different kinds of scholarships for international students, such as Chinese Government Scholarship, MOFCOM Scholarship, Beijing Government Scholarship, Beijing Belt and Road Special Scholarship, and Asia-Pacific Forest Network Scholarship.

We are Beijing Forestry University International College.

Serving Communities Across The World

In addition to recruiting and training international students, we actively introduce high-quality education resources, constantly explore new models for talent training, and establish Sino-foreign collaborative education projects at different levels. We have successively established collaboration with Michigan State University, US, in Wood Science and Engineering, with the University of British Columbia, Canada, in Material Engineering and Biotechnology, and with Chiba University, Japan, in Landscape Architecture. We have Summer School, Joint Teaching Program, and other International Personnel Training programs. All these programs have prepared our international students for their future and improved the international education level of the University.


Adhering to the concept of "A Community with A Shared Future", under the leadership of the School Party Committee, the International College is committed to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of international education, enhancing the high-level international education ability, focusing on the goal of international talent training, innovating the mode of international education exchanges and cooperation, so that the educational level of Beijing Forestry University and the level of international talent education can grow synchronously, and also ultimately cultivate out students with international vision and cross-cultural competence.