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北京林业大学国际学院学生参加2021“北京国际友好林” 植树活动

  1. source:国际学院
  2. time:2021-04-21
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莫妮卡(来自肯尼亚):I found so much pleasure in participating in the tree planting activity because I'm passionate about natural conservation. To reduce air pollution and combat with climate change, we not only need to plant more trees but should also protect the existing forests. All of us need to take our responsibility to make the world greener!

大卫(来自卢旺达):First of all, let me thank you so much for prepare such a gorgeous event of tree planting. As international students, we were very happy for getting that opportunity to participate in this event, especially with Chinese, that encouraged our spirit of planting trees as the way of combating with desertification, climate change and promote the landscape to be green in a sustainable way. In addition, it is a nice experience in China which we can share with people of our countries. Some of us are foresters and now we have a policy that looking for making our country green and exploring a way of sustainable forest management. The event today is much relevant to us. Thats why, as overseas students, we really thank you so much for preparing and give us the opportunity to participate in this event.


(文稿来源:国际学院  作者:杨叶桐  审稿:王锦)