Bye for now-Farewell Party for International Graduates of 2022


On June 30th, BFU International College held a farewell meeting for the 2022 international graduates to celebrate graduation. International graduates gathered together on campus and in the voov meeting to celebrate the graduation. Li Xiong, Vice President of BFU attended the ceremony online. 

Dr. Li Xiong mentioned that in recent years, the epidemic brought challenges to international students on daily life, despite facing the hardship, the graduates have made great efforts to overcome difficulties and successfully graduate eventually. While wishing everyone a bright future, he also expressed high appreciation to the students for the ability to quickly adapt to online learning and adjust to the new pace of life.

The Dean of the International College read out the list of 2022 international student graduates, and affirmed the hard work of all graduates. She expressed gratitude to all students for their efforts to cooperate with the epidemic prevention measures, and encouraged everyone to firmly work hard to overcome the difficulties to achieve a brighter future.

The graduate families also sent best wishes to the graduates. RASHIDRASOOL (Indian)s father said: I am very grateful to Beijing Forestry University and its faculty for providing a shelter for my son to study, and doing best to teaching knowledge to my son". The family of ALBERTINA (Guinea-Bissau) said: "The whole family is very pleased to see your growth in the five years of studying in China. We hope you know how proud we are."

In order to express the best wishes, teachers from BFU specially recorded a video of blessings for the graduates. The Dean of the School of Biological Science and Technology expressed congratulations to everyone who has achieved growth through their own efforts, and hope everyone can make greater progress in the future.

Graduates also expressed their gratitude to the teachers. LETY YOU (Cambodian) said: The study life at school is short, but it is enough to make me care a lot about the people and things in campus. Although I have regrets in my heart, I am also grateful for the encounter, and I wish all my classmates to fight for their career and get a wonderful future. 

Graduate representatives RODGERS (Malawi), NOUR (Tunisian) and AZFAR (Pakistan) also expressed their gratitude to the alma mater, and encouraged all to help each other and have the courage to temper a stronger personality in difficult situations.

Zhang Duo, the representative of the African Alumni Association, also recorded a video to express sincere congratulations to the 2022 graduates. He said that after graduation, whether continuously study or find a job and embark on a new journey, we should always look forward and work hard to turn ourselves into a better person.

Then, the Dean of the International College presented the "graduation ribbon of the International College of BFU"to all international graduates on campus.

Congratulations to the 2022 international graduates, you are going to become an outstanding international alumni of Beijing Forestry University and embark on a new journey. No matter where you are, we hope everyone can remember that BFU will always be your home. Bye for now!